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Learning by Doing

Our facilities are designed to promote hands-on learning. Our classrooms, kennels, clinical labs, surgical and radiography suites are all built to prepare students for the professional environment in which they'll find themselves during their career as a veterinary technician.   

Our facilities include:

  • On-site kennels, housing a variety of animals from dogs and cats to rodents and rabbits
  • An on-site surgical suite with a surgical preparation area
  • A radiography area with industry standard safety and digital imaging equipment 
  • The standard medical and laboratory equipment found in professional veterinary facilities
  • Animal-friendly classrooms equipped for hands-on learning

Our on-site animals will usually be vaccinated, evaluated for health issues, and spayed/neutered as we prepare them to be adopted by their forever homes. Students get hands-on experience helping our instructors care for the animals at our school. 

Vet Tech Institute also partners with other animal facilities so that our students can gain experience and confidence working with larger animals such as horses and cows. Check out the video of our students on the farm on our program page. Visit us to see things first hand or request information to learn more about Vet Tech Institute! 












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