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Specialized Associate Degree Program
TUITION/ADMISSIONS FEES (For students entering school between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023)
Tuition Per Semester 1-4* $7,490
Tuition Final 1/2 Semester* $2,600
Application Fee $50
Tuition Deposit** $50
Confirmation Deposit** $100
Estimated Books and Supplies (for completing the program) $1,600
Lab Fees Per Semester (1-4 only) $760
*Specialized Associate Degree Program is 4.5 Semesters
**Deposits are credited towards tuition costs when the student begins classes. They are not refundable after the due date.
While Vet Tech Institute charges tuition by semester, the calculated cost per credit is: $7490 (Cost per semester for 4 semesters) + $2600 (Cost per semester for final term) = $32560 (Total Tuition) / 63 (Credits in Program) = $516.83.

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