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Please use the form below if you wish to make a report regarding sexual harrassment or violence.   You may report anonymously if you choose.   

Reports are delivered to the School President and the Director of Education.  All reports will be reviewed and investigated according to our school policy.   You can find this policy on page 15 of the Vet Tech Institute Student Handbook.

Resources for those affected by sexual violence can be found at: 


Center for Victims of Violent Crimes                                                

Child Line & Abuse Registry                                                            

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh                                                        

Family Resources, Parents Anonymous                                               



Allegheny County Children & Youth Services                                    

Center for Victims of Violent Crimes                                                    

Crisis Center North, Inc.                                                                        

Womanspace East                                                                                   

Womansplace, Inc.                                                                              

Women's Center & Shelter of Greater PA                                             



Family Resources                                                                                 

Family Services of Western PA                                                            




Center for Victims of Violent Crime                                                     

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape                                                           



UPMC Psychiatric Institute                                                                   

United Way PA 211SW Helpline                                                           

Crisis Intervention Hotline                                                              

Resolve Crisis Hotline Mercy / UPMC Behavioral                              


CRISIS TEXT LINE Texting 24 hour hotline                                           




(412) 392-8582

(800) 932-0313

(412) 692-8747

(412) 363-1702



(800) 932-0313

(412) 392-8582

(412) 364-5556

(412) 765-2661

(412) 482-3240

(412) 687-8005



(412) 363-1702

(888) 222-4200

(888) 796-8226



(412) 392-8582

(866) 363-7273



(412) 624-2100

(412) 255-1155

(888) 424-2287

(888) 796-8226


Text # 741741



Incident Report Submission


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